5 Best packing Tips for Travel

Packing your bags for an upcoming vacation is a daunting task that’s often left to the last minute. Yet, with just a couple of handy tips and tricks, you can master the art of packing. Read on as we unzip the secrets of how to pack like a pro tourist.

As you plan your trip, you can determine what you need to take with you by looking at the weather, location, and activities planned. It also helps to make sure that you have a sturdy bag that fits your basic needs. No matter what bag you bring, you can make the most out of it by packing carefully to optimize your space. Be sure to include toiletries, medications and valuables such as jewelry in a separate traveling case.

1. Bring only essential equipment

Will you really need a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, e-reader, GPS tracker, camera lenses, tripod, noise-canceling headphones, selfie-sticks, and sports watch on your vacation? Depending on the type of trip you’re going on, make a list of the essentials you’ll need. Choose small multi-purpose gadgets over bulky items and share them with co-travelers if you’re part of a group. As for the items you end up taking, charge them before your trip and use sleek cases to carry them around safely during your trip.

2. Pack light

Who hasn’t come back from their vacation with piles of unworn clothes and unused accessories? Let’s face it, you probably won’t need to change outfits three times a day or get an invite to a surprise opening ceremony. Pack versatile, light clothes that you feel great wearing. Once you’ve selected your clothes and laid them out, cut down, and then cut down again. You’ve got this!

3. Learn to fold and categorize like a pro

Folding and packing clothes can be quite a chore. Make it fun by learning some handy techniques and pat yourself on the back whenever you save some much-needed space in your case. Start with your shoes. Place them in your bag (heal to toe) and stuff them with socks and underwear. Roll your pants and t-shirts and use them to pad out your bag. Place any fragile items in the middle of your bag and wrap them in a thin towel for added protection. Finally, put any items that you’ll need during your trip (passport, charger, snacks) into an easy-to-reach pocket or rucksack.

4. Pack smart, pack together

Why not pack jointly if you’re traveling as a group or a couple? Decide on the objects, accessories, and gadgets you’ll need and take one of each. After all, you won’t need more than one city guide, multi USB charger, adapter, and a bottle of shampoo. Packing together also means planning together, so make a list of all the things you need and check them off a shared list. You’re less likely to forget an important item this way. Plus you’ll free up more space in your luggage for new goodies!

5. Ditch the bulky suitcase

You really don’t want to be hauling around a back-breaking suitcase that cost a fortune to put in the plane hold. Take a small, soft shell cabin bag that you can throw on your back and squeeze under your seat. That way you can dash out of the plane, bypass the baggage carousel, and start enjoying your destination as soon as possible. 

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